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Emergency Management Plans

PARCOR provides Emergency Management Plan development services specifically designed for the organisation.

The Emergency Management Plan outlines procedures to prepare, respond and recover from an emergency, including building evacuation, staff welfare, liaison with Emergency Services and initial assessments.  All the key information for handling emergencies.

Staff will have an ‘easy to understand’; detailed set of procedures to follow based on current information, compliant with Australian Standards – (AS 3745 – 2010)

  • Building, Bush & Grass Fires
  • Internal & External Disaster
  • Evacuation Points & Procedures
  • Bomb & Personal Threats
  • Response Procedures


The Emergency Management Plan will:

  • Provide a framework outlining appropriate roles and responsibilities
  • Optimise co-ordinated response to any given emergency
  • Utilise the experience and skills of the PARCOR Corporate team, using our specialty templates

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Work Safely at Heights

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Confined Space Entry

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Operate Breathing Apparatus

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Provide First Aid

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Thursday, 15th March 2018

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